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A montage of projects I've had the pleasure of producing. All content filmed and edited by me.

*First Class Images is a name I used to do work under.

A New Song

Sue shares her story of faith and forgiveness. Her vulnerability and the beauty of the setting make this one of my favorite pieces of work.

Ned Matura

I met Ned in 2011 while attending a filmmaking workshop. We had an assignment to find someone local and briefly tell their story. As you'll see in the video, Ned is a wonderful human. Humble, caring, and honest...a great artist too.

Selz - Sunny Choie

Selz needed some user testimonial videos which gave me the opportunity to meet Sunny. It was a great pleasure meeting her and hearing how she makes a living doing what she loves every day.

Bear Run Campground

Promo for a beautiful campground in northwestern PA.

Sims Architecture

Sims Architecture wanted a short video about the renovation project they did with Calvary Church.

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